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We believe that early identification and intervention are the keys to success for our kiddos!

All for the Kids Therapy Services puts your child first, with our team of therapists providing personalized speech, language and occupational therapy services.

Areas we assess and/or treat:

Services we provide:

On-Site Therapy

We will come to your school, pre-school, or home for your child's weekly speech and language therapy for your convenience and so your child will feel comfortable in his/her environment.

Free Screenings

Complimentary speech and language screenings at school by a licensed speech language pathologist.

Formal Evaluation

We will formally evaluate your child to determine the best, customized treatment for him/her.

Faculty In-Services

We work with teachers and school administrators to make sure your child is receiving complete treatment.

Monitor Progress

We will provide regular updates as we go so you can see your child's progress throughout his/her therapy.

Speech & Language Tips

Detailed speech and language tips and information for parents and faculty to maintain therapy.

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Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Alternative /Augmentative Communication


Articulation Disorder

Auditory Processing Disorder


Body Coordination

Feeding/Chewing Issues

Fine Motor Control

Fluency (Stuttering) Disorder

Functional Vision Skills

Language-Expressive/Receptive Disorders

Phonemic Awarenes/Phonics

Reading, Spelling, Written Language

Sensory Integration

Social Language/Pragmatics

Voice Disorders

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